The dog Lys was found near Makariv in a garbage pit. People who found him tried to get him out of there, fortunately they noticed in time that the dog was mined. This was announced by the “ZooPatrol UA”.

Only the fact that he could not move because of the injuries saved the dog from death. It is unclear how long the animal spent immobilized in the pit.

The sappers de-mined the dog and handed it over to the zoo organization.

Despite the shock experienced, Lys is very trusting. In the rehabilitation center said that they call him peacemaker – it seems that he is ready to act as a peacemaker when any animals do not get along with him next to him.

According to reports, the dog’s injured paws have not lost their ability to feel, so there is hope that Lys has a chance to recover and start moving again at least partially.
Volunteers announced the fundraising for treatment of the animal. Lys needs UAH 37,000 for his treatment and recovery.
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Photo: Facebook