The event is organized by the "Trushna Peremoga" charity foundation with the help of the artistic community, entrepreneurs, and conscious citizens to raise funds for mobile dental surgery for the Armed Forces.

Operative Ukraine Info reports this.

At the charity Smile Wanted Fest, the foundation will raise funds for mobile dental surgery for the Armed Forces, displaced persons, and residents of the regions most affected by the war.

In order to provide professional dental care to Ukrainians, the “Trushna Peremoga” foundation has joined forces with the “Christian Rescue Service” organization. Together, they launched the humanitarian project “Charity Mobile Dentistry” and want to equip and launch three mobile dentistry: these are cars equipped with the necessary dental equipment, in which medical services can be provided to citizens.

Raising 2 billion hryvnias for the first such car is the main goal of the charity festival Smile Wanted Fest.

Volunteers have already managed to get involved in dental care for Ukrainian soldiers: on the territory of one of the military units, they have located a medical center where a professional dentist treats them. However, more than four thousand of our soldiers and hundreds of residents of war-affected regions still need help. It is the specialized vehicle that will be able to help patients as quickly as possible and to evacuate people immediately during the threat of missiles or artillery fire.

Photo: Open sources