The main attention this year will be paid to the safe stay of children and staff in educational institutions, the Kyiv City State Administration emphasizes.

According to the preliminary data of the survey of student’s parents, which is processing in educational institutions, almost 70 % chose full-time education for their children from September 1. The Director of the Department of Education and Science, Olena Fidanyan, reported this, the Kyiv Cite State Administration website writes.

“According to a preliminary calculation, almost 20 percent of the capital’s students will be abroad on September 1. Almost 70% of children, according to a survey of parents, are ready for full-time education. The rest – that is, those who would not dare to send their children to school, have the opportunity to study either online or in an individual form of education. For this, it is enough to write an application letter to the school,” Fidanyan said.

She also emphasized that the main attention this year will be paid to the safe stay of children and staff in educational institutions.

“To date, all schools have been inspected by an expert commission, which includes representatives of the State Emergency Service and medical workers. Currently, it is safe to say that almost 70% of educational institutions have shelters (not bomb shelters!), which are repaired according to the requirements, where children will be safe. But even in these schools, only as many people as the shelter can accommodate will be able to stay at the same time. That is, schools in which the shelter cannot accommodate all students and teachers will switch to double-shift system. The same educational institutions that do not have their own shelter that meets all the requirements, or a safe place near the school where children can be quickly transferred in the event of an air raid, will not be able to start full-time education process at all,” Fidanyan explained.

The Kyiv City State Administration reminds that on September 1, the children of those who were forced to move to the capital due to the Russian aggression will go to schools in the capital. To date, more than 2,000 children of internally displaced persons have been enrolled in educational institutions.

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