Teenagers aged 13-17 decided to help Ukraine.

American teenagers raised money for Ukrainians whose homes were destroyed by Russia’s full-scale invasion. With these funds, several modular houses were bought for the affected families, which are already being installed in the Kyiv region, “RBK-Ukraine” reports with the reference to the charity organization “To Ukraine with love”.

Four teenagers from Idaho Falls, Lendon and Jayden Murphy, Lachlan Haake and Chase Miller, were able to raise money to buy several modular homes. They admit that it was not easy, but the boys persistently moved towards their goal: they set up stands, told people about the situation in Ukraine, showed pictures of houses destroyed by Russian shells, and visited their neighbors.

Later, they personally came to the village of Makariv in the Kyiv region to establish housing for families who lost their homes. So far, it was possible to buy three modular houses. It takes about three days to install them.

Today, August 3, one such assembled house was officially presented to Valery and his family, who were left without their own home. The module has two bedrooms, living room, a kitchen with a refrigerator, an electric stove and a sink, a bathroom with a shower and a washing machine. All communications have already been installed, so the house is completely ready for living. The wall thickness is 200 mm.

Another house will soon appear in the yard of Elena’s family – all the necessary elements have already been brought there. They will build a house next to destroyed house that burned down after being hit by a shell. The woman and her 13-year-old son temporarily left Makariv, while the grandfather stayed to live in the summer kitchen, because of which, unfortunately, he did not survive further shelling, TSN reports. Elena admitted that she did not expect such attention and help. She was confused and touched by the fact that they would soon have a new home.

Photo: Facebook