Several explosions shook the capital on Sunday morning.

Paramedics, law enforcement officers, and other emergency services arrived at the scene immediately, including 19 units of firefighting equipment and 67 members of the State Emergency Service, as well as 20 first responders and 4 units of special equipment of the Kyiv Rescue Service.

Rescue and search operations continue.

One death has currently been reported. Six residents of the building were injured. Four of them, including a seven-year-old girl, were hospitalized. Two residents with minor injuries will receive outpatient care.

According to information from doctors, a young girl was operated on. Her condition is stable, and there is no threat to her life. The girl’s mother is in serious condition.

A missile also hit the territory of a privately owned kindergarten in the Shevchenkivskyi district.

As a result of the explosive’s impact, a 200-mm-wide water pipe in a well and a 100-mm-wide supply line were damaged. 

Workers at Kyivvodokanal quickly found the water leak, and the kindergarten is temporarily without water. The water pressure in city water supply networks is within the normal range.

City authorities urge residents to remain vigilant and keep their safety in mind. If you hear an air raid siren, please get to an underground air raid shelter. 

Photo: KCSA