Before that, he visited Hostomel, where he was interested in the airfield of the state enterprise “Antonov” and the possibilities of its restoration.

A photo of Branson from the Kyiv metro is provided by journalist Yurii Yukhimenko on his Facebook.

“Most people in the world know my name. I can make a call to influential people who can make a difference. When I’ll came back from Ukraine, I will try to use this opportunity to help your country” – Branson said.
As we wrote, before that Branson visited Hostomel. According to the head of the “Sluga Narodu” faction in the Verkhovna Rada, David Arahamiya, they were discussed with Branson cooperation in the space sector and the project of building a new “MRIYA” aircraft.
“We are already working on a project to build a new aircraft, which will set many more records after the war.” But being already updated, on the basis of modern, digital equipment that will allow “MRIYA” to become even stronger, “he said in his Telegram.
Arakhamiya noted that this issue, as well as prospects for cooperation in space sector, the Ukrainian side discussed with Richard Branson during his trip.
“Branson expressed his readiness to help “everyone he can” and “was pleasantly surprised by our optimism and the fact that even in such difficult moments we are thinking about how to make a leap in aerospace construction.” – Arakhamia said.
Foto – Facebook