This song is a confession of love for the capital - Cepasa said.

Kyiv electronic musician Pavlo Lenchenko (Cepasa) released the song “Kyiv”, to which he added the national anthem of the capital and filmed a clip with Kyiv landscapes on a drone.

As Cepasa said, this song is a confession of love for Kyiv. He wrote it in April-May – after the Russia has withdrawn all troops from the Kyiv region.

“Since childhood, I have watched how Kyiv gathers people from different parts of Ukraine who come for new opportunities. And then they are united by something else. This is the spirit of freedom, incredible beauty and ancient history of the city,” Cepasa describes the city.

The clip was created in collaboration with the YouTube channel FlyUA, which specializes in video shooting from drones. It was filmed for six months, including 28 sunrises and sunsets in different parts of the city.

Kyiv will be part of Cepasa’s new album called Niby Chaiky, which will be released on August 16.

Photo: Facebook