The Kyiv Defense Council reported that during the air raid sirens not only public transport will stop its service, but also all construction sites.

Mykola Povoroznyk, Deputy Chairman of the Kyiv City State Administration, reports this.

According to his statement, the Defense Council of the capital considered a petition from citizens asking not to stop on-ground public transport during the air raid sirens but left its decision unchanged. Transport will continue to stop, and information about the availability of the nearest shelters will appear at all stops.

“If you are caught in public transport by an air raid siren, go to shelter. Let me remind you that after the air raid sirens has been sounded, you can continue using the same vehicle or use the next one. It is not necessary to re-pay the fare in public transport after the air raid sirens has been turned off,” Povoroznyk noted.

In addition, the work of construction sites will also be stopped. The decision is related to the complaints of residents of houses adjacent to the construction sites due to the increase in their psychological nervousness.

“All work on the construction sites of the capital will be stopped during the air raid sirens. First, we must give everyone the opportunity to take care of their own safety and go to shelter during an air raid. In particular, construction workers. And secondly, we receive many complaints from residents about loud noises from construction sites, which during air raid sirens can scare people and create additional tension,” the first deputy of the Kyiv City State Administration added.

Photo: free sources