The theme of this year's festival is "For the sake of life".

On August 5-7, the high art festival Bouquet Kyiv Stage will be held for the fifth time in Kyiv. On the territory of the “Sofia Kyivska” nature reserve, documentaries of the “Culture vs. War” project are being presented today. The festival organizers announce the film screening program on Facebook.

“We invite you to the presentation of the project of the documentary series “Culture vs. War”, which will be held at the opening of the Bouquet Kyiv Stage festival on August 5 in Sofia Kyivska, at 7:00 p.m. in Khlibnyi,” the message reads.

At the presentation, there will be a special pre-release screening of the first two short films-novels of the “Culture vs. War” project. The project will be presented by the authors: director Kadim Tarasov and producer Andriy Rizol.

The series of documentaries-novels is dedicated to Ukrainian filmmakers and famous artists defending Ukraine in the Armed Forces, their reflections on their own transformation during the war, rethinking of values, creativity, and war.

Heroes of the first two films: cinematographer Serhiy Mikhalchuk and actor, director Akhtem Seitablaev.

“In the films: the direct speech of the heroes of the project, worldview, actual shots of the military life of the heroes. The project is implemented by the “Watch Ukrainian!” association and “Vavilon” company”, – the organizers note.

They add that the theme of this year’s festival is “For the sake of life.”

Photo: Facebook