Les Yakymchuk came back from Ohio, USA.

Kyiv Mohyla graduate Les Yakymchuk swapped his role as a teaching at Ohio University to become a tactical medicine on the front line in Ukraine. This is reported in the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

It is stated that until February 24, Yakymchuk studied and taught in the United States.

Now he has organized the supply of tactical medicine to the hotspots of the military front. Today, his team has manufactured and delivered to the front about 5,000 high-quality first-aid kits that saving the lives of Ukrainian soldiers. But the history of his volunteering does not begin in Ukraine.

« When I went to Ukraine, I thought that I could just sit and read the news even in America. So, if you go, then with something useful. But I thought I would just take my car, which I left in Ukraine, and will help to people. That is some simple things. But everything turned by chance: you are asked for assist and you can’t refuse, you look for it, you find it, you deliver it; people find out that you delivered it, asking for help more and more. And at some point you realize that you are already sitting in a large room, around you eight or ten people, you have huge amount of supplies moving. Now, we have finally opened the official UA First Aid charity fund. We are still trying to go from a sprint to marathon. And it is not difficult to work and there have been no complaints from anyone in the last month. Everyone said that the first aid kits were perfect as they should be.

“In March and April, we bought the first aid kits from one seller in New York. It was not easy, it was necessary to carry 500 first-aid kits. At that time, time was very important. So it was done so: a volunteer took 30 bags in her luggage, there were a large quantity of first aid kits, and all was carried in her luggage. She had a flight to Warsaw with it”- the volunteer added.

Yakymchuk says that since their last visit to the front, they realized that there is a great lack of training. For example, even from doctors. So now they will commence a training exercise. For example, on Monday, five coaches go to train one military unit in Zaporizhzhia: 160 people have to be ready for varying difficult situations.

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