The couple could not agree on the name of the newborn girl for two and a half years until the Supreme Court made a decision.

Such a resolution appeared in the Unified State Register of Court Decisions.

The child was born in February 2020. In the maternity hospital, the husband proposed to name the daughter by the name of his mother, both grandmothers and great-grandmothers. However, the wife “categorically refused.” In addition, she wanted the girl to have her surname – in marriage, the woman kept her maiden name. The man, on the contrary, wanted his daughter to have his last name.

Due to a dispute between the parents, the newborn child was not registered in the department of the State Registration of Acts of Civil Status.

In May 2020, the man appealed to the court and the court sided with him. A court fee of 900 hryvnias was paid by the wife, in November 2020 the woman filed a cassation complaint.

The case reached the Supreme Court, and on June 29, 2022, it was decided to give the child a double name and a double surname.

The court assumed that neither the legislation of Ukraine nor the norms of international law grant any of the parents a priority right over the child.

The court decision does not specify the names that the parents tried to give the child.

Photo: Open sources