In 14% of educational institutions, children will study online.

Oleksiy Kuleba, the head of Kyiv Regional Military Administration, announced this.

“In the Kyiv region, 86% of educational institutions will start their work in a full-time or mixed form. The hybrid form will combine offline and online formats. In 14% of educational institutions, children will study exclusively remotely,” Oleksiy Kuleba said.

As noted, 1,353 educational institutions of various levels and forms of ownership operate in Kyiv region. Commissions in districts and communities inspected all educational institutions and recommended the use of 1,095 structures as shelters. Most of them are the simplest shelters. They are provided with electricity and water supply, ventilation, and drainage systems.

The head of the Kyiv Regional Military Administration emphasized that in all educational institutions of the Kyiv region, the decision regarding the educational format was made individually – first of all, taking into account the security situation. Special expert commissions worked in the communities, which checked the availability of shelters.

Oleksiy Kuleba noted that the training of teaching staff to work under martial law is currently underway.

“In all educational institutions, teaching staff are trained on the organization of work during air raid sirens. Evacuation routes have also been worked out. Training evacuations for pupils have already started and will be carried out until September 5,” Oleksiy Kuleba concluded.

The schools of the Kyiv region, which will work in the new academic year offline or in a mixed form, will be monitored by the patrol police.

Photo: pexels