Internally displaced persons can contact any Primary Health Care Center in the city.

Forced migrants in the capital receive the necessary medical care for free and without fail. This was emphasized by the head of the Department of Health Protection, Valentina Ginzburg, the Kyiv City State Administration website writes.

We are talking about all types of medical care under the medical guarantee program: primary medical care, specialized medical care, receiving medications under the “Affordable Medicines” program, etc.

Regardless of the signed medical  declaration, internally displaced persons can apply to any Center for primary health care, where, if necessary, they will receive a guaranteed full package of services: diagnosis and treatment of diseases; basic tests and analyses; referral to doctors of narrow specialization or for examination; prescriptions under the “Affordable Medicines”‎ program and insulin (if it is a repeat prescription); palliative care, dynamic health monitoring; vaccination according to the calendar of preventive vaccinations.

“By the way, I would like to remind you of an important thing once again: if you or your child needs to be vaccinated on time or if you missed a scheduled vaccination according to the National Vaccination Calendar, you can make up for it. For this, it is enough to contact your family doctor/pediatrician or the family doctor/pediatrician of the nearest health care facility,” Ginsburg said.

You can find the addresses of the nearest primary health care centers by following the link.

Also, medical assistance is provided without fail under the packages of the medical guarantee program at the secondary and tertiary levels: treatment of stroke, heart attack, early detection and treatment of oncology, medical assistance to newborns in complex neonatal cases, etc.

The “Affordable Medicines” program also continues to work during martial law. Patients who need outpatient treatment for cardiovascular diseases, type 1/2 diabetes, diabetes insipidus, bronchial asthma, mental and behavioral disorders, epilepsy, can receive medicines  included in the program free of charge or with a small co-payment.

According to the Ministry of Health of Ukraine, to ensure patients’ access to these medicines during the war, the procedures for obtaining them were simplified, in particular, patients can receive such medicines  by electronic or paper prescription. All 47 insulin medicines that are included in the reimbursement program can be obtained without copayments.

Ukrainians with HIV can also receive antiretroviral therapy at the place of actual stay. To do this, it is necessary to contact the nearest Consultative and Diagnostic Center or the Kyiv City Center for AIDS Prevention and Control (telephone numbers for information: (044) 409-20-70, (044) 409-20-84).

According to the explanations of the Ministry of Health, during the period of martial law, the procedure for establishing and extending disability has been significantly simplified. Currently, persons with disabilities do not need to be re-examined to confirm their disability in order to receive social benefits. It is also not necessary to make a declaration between the patient – an internally displaced person and the doctor who makes the referral to the Medical Commission, there are no legal grounds to require it. Doctors do not have the right to ask patients to come directly for a repeat examination. All payments and related benefits are retained until the re-examination period expires.

“From the first days of the military aggression of the russian federation, the capital authorities made every effort to ensure that the citizens received medical assistance in time. Currently, the Department of Health Care coordinates and controls municipal medical institutions with the aim of organizing a comfortable and effective medical space for displaced persons as well. To date, about 29,000 internally displaced persons have already consulted the doctors of the capital’s communal medical facilities.

I appeal to those who found refuge in the capital as a result of the war: in Kyiv, you have the same rights to quality medical care as the Kyiv residents. If you are refused, contact the head of the institution where the misunderstanding occurred, or the Department’s hotline at (044) 278-41-91,” Ginzburg concluded.

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