It included 13 tracks: "Kherson", "Cafe Nadia", "City", "Lucifer" and others. Three songs were recorded together with other artists: "Montesquieu", Yuriy Bondarchuk, Sasha Boole, and two more are covers ("Cheremkhova Vihola", "Racket").

The album is posted on YouTube.

On September 1, Palindrome released his third album, Invented in a Queue. The LP included 13 tracks.

Palindrome (real name – Stepan Burban) is a Ukrainian rapper, singer, composer, director, and music producer. Stepan is also a member of the Lviv rap group Chapter 94 and performs under the pseudonym Coughing Ed.

Palindrome dedicated a special place to the song about Kherson. A collaboration with Ukrainer is dedicated to the temporarily occupied cities of Ukraine.

“This is the only song on the album that was written after February 24. When my father and I went to Crimea as a child, we always listened to some retro music on the way. Sometimes we stopped in Kherson. I believe that very soon we will be able to repeat such a trip.”

The musician called his album “a year-long session of talking about traumas of various kinds.” Palindrome expressed hope that the album will allow listeners to “talk out personal traumas and acquired complexes” if they need to.

You can listen to the album on Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer and SoundCloud.

Photo: Screenshot from YouTube