One of the the variaties of donuts will be called "Sean", 50% of shop sales will be donated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Hollywood film director Sean Penn, who is currently visiting Kyiv, went for coffee and donuts at Ponchyk Boy, the owner of the cafe – Sasha Zhilyaev posted on Instagram.
Zhilyaev posted, that he is a big fan of Sean Penn and also listed his favorite films.
“We were visited by a man who had been part of my life  from  1995 with Dead Man Walking, and until date, it’s difficult to believe. On February 20, when I with my friends went to the movies before the war at Licorice Pizza (in my opinion this is the best film of 2021). A man who has been the idol of several generations of movie buffs! ” He wrote.
In addition, according to Zhilyaev, they will sell donuts called “Sean” in his donut shop.
Of course, I don’t think it would matter to Sean, and he remembered who I was and what I was! But for all of us, it was a ray of some joy and confidence that such people could stand behind us and support us in these difficult days. As a result of Sean’s visit, since July 4, we will make a Sean donut, 50% of the sales of which we will donate to our fund” – he wrote.
According to Instagram stories of Daria Zarivna, who is Zelenskiy adviser, Sean Penn was accompanied by the head of the President’s Office – Andriy Yermak.
According to her Instagram stories she shared, that Sean Penn interviewed Ermak while they were walking through Kyiv, and in that day they went to the cafe for donuts.
Sean Penn is producing a documentary film about the russian-Ukrainian war, the other day he visited Irpin.
Photo – Instagram