Slovenia has sent to Ukraine the fourth shipment of energy equipment, which includes 88 transformers, three generators and other devices needed by power engineers.

Ukraine’s Ambassador Andrii Taran and Slovenia’s Minister of Infrastructure Bojan Kumer took part in the sending ceremony on December 29, reports, with reference to the Embassy of Ukraine in Slovenia.

“Nine Slovenian companies united around the call by the Ministry of Infrastructure of Slovenia and prepared a total of 88 transformers of various capacities, three generators, insulators, voltage switches and other energy equipment,” the embassy said.

Ukrainian diplomats said the first two trucks with Slovenian assistance had already arrived at Khmelnytskoblenergo and would soon be distributed according to the needs of the regions.

The embassy noted that the Minister of Infrastructure of Slovenia said in a speech at the event that Slovenia plans to continue to help Ukraine to the best of its ability for as long as it takes.

Taran thanked Slovenia for its humanitarian assistance and drew attention to how symbolic it is today, when Russia once again carried out a massive missile attack on Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure.

Photo: Facebook