The artist started painting back in 2021.

Vitaly Gideone wrote about this on Facebook.

Gideone made a comparison with the Ukrainian military, who defended Kyiv, and now defend our cities in the country.

“I started painting this picture on holiday in 2021. At that time, I did not fully understand what a strong implication it could carry. The picture was painting at the subconscious mind. An archangel with a sword on the background of Kyiv streets defends his native land from enemies, just like our soldiers now. If to delve into the religious scriptures, there he depicted as the chief archangel (Archistratig) of God’s army against the evil forces, which he defeats in battle. The painting was unfinished for almost a year, and I finished it only today. I believe that my hunch is correct, and we will also defeat all invaders who has been waging the war against Ukraine” Gideone wrote.

Photo: Facebook