Public beaches and recreation areas are being inspected by specialists of the specialized emergency rescue and diving service of the municipally-owned corporation Pleso.

The waters at two beaches, Central (Tsentralnyi) Beach and the Venice (Venetsiia) Beach, have already been inspected. No explosives were found. Divers are also removing bulky items and branches from the bottom.

Maintenance is regularly carried out on beaches and recreational areas in Kyiv, but beach season will not start yet for security reasons.

For your safety, we advise you not to visit the beaches and recreation areas under martial law!

Please be advised that the operation of small vessels is prohibited within Kyiv under martial law.

Please remember that all mines and other explosive devices that haven’t detonated pose a fatal threat. Please follow these rules to save your life:

  • Don’t pull off to the side of the road
  • Don’t approach damaged military vehicles
  • Don’t trespass in fenced-off areas. Don’t ignore danger signs
  • Don’t enter military positions or fortifications.

If you have discovered an explosive device:

  • Don’t pick it up with your hands
  • Don’t move or roll it
  • Don’t pull it from the soil
  • Don’t try to dismantle it
  • Don’t make a fire nearby
  • Keep calm and don’t panic
  • Stop and mark the position where it was discovered with whatever you have on hand
  • Return to a safe distance along the same route you used when you discovered the object and immediately call the State Rescue Service.

Foto: pixabay