This house is located at 5 Revutskogo Street. This was reported by the Darnytsya RDA.

“In union with nature. This house in our area is an excellent example of the symbiosis of the “stone jungle” of the metropolis and nature,” – noted in post.

It is known that the house at 5 Revutskogo Street was “captured” by the Vichy grape, which is a deciduous creeper that reaches 15 (20) m in height.

It rises very quickly and clings to the walls with special suction cups, so it does not need additional support, it has a high survival rate.

There is an example known to all Kyiv residences: Vichy grapes tightly wrapped the pedestal of the monument to Bohdan Khmelnytskyi. In winter, when the leaves fall, the vines and shoots of Vichy looks like a painted tree.

In addition to water from the soil, grape vines completely absorb all the moisture along the wall. And during heavy rain, the plant that weaves along the wall will act as an umbrella.

Photo: Facebook