The locomotive was being restoredat the Snovsk locomotive depot. This was reported by the Kyiv Children's Railway.

The report noted that in December 2021, the 70-year-old train was sent for overhaul to the locomotive depot in Snovsk, Chernihiv region.

There the steam locomotive also found the beginning of the russian aggression. The works were resumed after Chernihiv was deoccupied.

The other day the GR-336 locomotive was returned to Kyiv after repairs.

“Very soon we will tell you about the launch of the locomotive and its further” said in the branch of the South-Western Railway.

GR locomotives were narrow-gauge locomotives delivered to the USSR after the Second World War from Germany for post-war reparations. The abbreviation in the name – “German reparation”.

From 1948 to 1951, the Germans built 352 locomotives (GR-001 -352), and later several more. A total of 417 GR series cars were delivered to the USSR.The main use of GR locomotives was intended for logging, because of this they worked on firewood. They were also used in peat mining, sugar factories, etc.

The locomotives were powerful and reliable machines. By the 1970s, the life of locomotives was running out and they were gradually decommissioned. It was then that they began to be transferred to children’s railways.

According to Wikipedia, as of 2016, some countries had about 10 locomotives in working order. In Ukraine: Gr-280 at the Gaivoron railway station of UZHD, Gr-336 at the Kyiv Children’s Railway. In Kyiv, the locomotive went on to be a part of a retro train for the holidays.

Photo – Instagram