A total of 72 patrons donated money for treatment.

A 250-year-old oak from the Fomin botanical garden was growing in Kyiv and work has been going on since last year. Arborist Volodymyr Vetrogradsky, who worked on the treatment, announced this on his Instagram.

After a powerful storm in July 2021, a unique 250-year-old oak from the botanical garden was damaged. Funds to save the tree were raised by the Kyiv community in a very short time.

The healing process of critical wounds of damaged oak took place in several steps: firstly, the fracture side was cleaned, sections were treated and stem cavities were treated. The oak get a critical destruction of the crown in October, caused by a hidden defect in the growth of the trunk, which was not noticed in time.

A comprehensive work was carried out on the ordering and reprogramming of the entire crown with the use of manual and electric equipment, leveling and prevention of pathologies of the crown.

At the final stage of work in the trunk laid a time capsule with letters to future generations.

“Plants are not waiting and also need urgent care. It is necessary to understand it all. It is also worth noting that it contains a time capsule with letters to future generations. Which in no way affects the life and health of the green beautiful tree, ”Vetrogradsky writes.

According to the arborist, a total of 72 patrons joined the treatment of the tree.

Foto – Facebook