The US Senate delegation, which included Republican Rob Portman and Democrat Amy Klobuchar, visited Bucha, Irpin, and Hostomel in the Kyiv region.

This is reported by “Ukrinform”.

“When you see that they entered many houses and bombed them… We know that journalists were killed right here, civilians were killed right across the street. It all happened, and it’s a suburb you can see anywhere in the US, in the metropolitan areas of Cincinnati or Cleveland,” Amy Klobuchar said.

Rob Portman admitted that it is difficult to comprehend what he saw with his own eyes.

“You can read about it, but you can come and see it, feel it, talk to people who experienced it. It’s hard to believe. We are determined to return home and talk about our personal experiences here. This is important, because the Americans have been very generous, but we must be sure that the commitment to support Ukraine will be as long as it takes,” he emphasized.

Also, in Hostomel, the senators visited the Antonov airfield, where they were shown the destroyed Mriya and Ruslan aircraft, and also talked about the airfield’s defense against the russian occupation forces. The delegates thanked the Ukrainian military for their bravery.

Photo: Ukrinform