The structures are already installed at 8 locations. This was reported in “KYIVZELENBUD”.

The report noted that the spray frames appeared in the parks “Vidradny”, “Desnyansky”, “Molodizhny”, “Poznyaki”, “Peremoha”, in the recreation park on the Shumskoho Street, square on the Martirosyan street, as well as the Khreshchatyk Street.

Currently, it is being installed in Holosiivskyi Park formally Maksym Rylsky Park.

In addition, the structures will also be installed in the parks “Kurenivsky”, “International”, “Orlyatko, “Aurora”, another one in the “Peremohy” Park, in the “Slavy” Park, in the park at the intersection of Obolonsky avenue and Marshal Tymoshenko Street, the square on Shchekavytska Square and in the Koshytsya sq.

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